Do you need to re-set your boundaries?

Hey Lovelies,

How are you with boundaries?


Either, too flexible and say yes to everything, when really, situations or people’s behaviours don’t sit well with you?

OR, not flexible enough and you say no too often, needing to be in control of everything in case all hell breaks loose and rarely budging?


Both types are not in balance. Both, your body is not happy with.

Too flexible, and people walk all over you, not flexible enough and you lose opportunities that could be good for you and others.


Maybe you need to RE-SET your boundaries, maybe your body is out of balance!

If things don’t sit right with you, you ARE out of balance, physically, emotionally and energetically.

And when you are out of balance your body does not function to its potential.

So do some energy work to sort yourself out, either meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, Kinesiology, Chi Gong or chanting!


AS well as coming along to my  SOUND ENERGY healing session in our yoga studio this Saturday 11.30-12.30 and re-balance your self there!


Relax, heal and clear your body and mind of blocks and stress helping restore BALANCE and harmony to your entire being. Sink into the sounds of singing bowls and tuning forks along with visualizations, while clearing and changing the energy in and around your body. Come and re-set your boundaries and other areas of your life!

Register HERE now!

Limited numbers for our studio, so check in today!



I’d so love to see you there!

Denise x


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