Are your emotions making you sick?

Hi There!

I’ve been talking a lot lately about emotions. Kinesiologists LOOOVE emotional talk!

Let me  tell you a story about what’s been happening emotionally with me lately.


My mother just got married!!!!

Yes!! I was shocked when she told me she was getting married and now she is!

She’s 74 years old and I hadn’t even met him when she told me she was engaged! My dad had died 3 years ago.


She did talk about about him a lot though, ‘we did this and we did that’. I thought, that’s lovely for her to have someone to do things with, but ‘shock’, getting married?!

Anyway I immediately drove down to meet him and he was, and is the loveliest man I’d ever met!

Everyone kept telling me how wonderful it was that she was getting married and I would say, ‘oh I suppose so’.


Anyway the week before the wedding I had this nauseous  feeling in my stomach about it all. I’d been on holidays that week and when I got home, I woke up the next day with a sore back.

It was an aching lower back pain which kind of radiated up to my neck when I looked down. I kept thinking ‘what have I done, I haven’t had an injury’.

Anyway I went to the chiropractor, who I love, but it made no difference. It really bothered me. Then it occurred to me. Helloooo, maybe it’s emotional!?


So I sat down with myself and thought, what’s happening in my life that would be causing me some stress. The only thing I could think of was my mother’s wedding. So I asked myself what emotions I felt, negative or positive, and only negatives came up. There was sadness, powerlessness and jealousy. OMG, I felt really childish. Anyway I had a bit of a teary moment and then I decided to think about the best things about my mother getting married. I came up with; she won’t be lonely, he’s lovely, someone’s looking after her, it’s her life and she’s still alive!

The wedding was the next day.

On THE DAY, I just felt neutral. I didn’t feel sad or overly excited, just neutral. And it actually turned out to be a really lovely day. (But I still noticed my back pain.)

But then the next day……………………shazammm

Nothing, zilch, zippo, no pain, I couldn’t believe it! I kept twisting and turning to activate it but still nothing. The pain had totally gone and still is gone!

So, I thought I must share this with you! Maybe my back would have got better by itself, who knows, but my intuition tells me it was that build up of ‘stress’ around that situation for me.

Try this for yourself. Sit down and ask yourself,  ‘what is going on for me that’s causing me not to be in balance’. Try and pinpoint when your issue started, what was happening in your life at that time.


If you need help, let me know!

Have a great week.



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