Do you feel worthy?

Hey there! How are you going?


I’m finding a lot lately in kinesiology sessions, that unworthiness is a very common feeling that is at the core of many issues.

Whether you were told you were worthless by someone in your life or they just gave you the ‘vibe’ that you were worthless when you were around them, or you were in a situation that made you feel worthless, it’s all the same.


Unworthiness is one of the lowest negative emotions you can have.


And the thing about it is,    it’s crazy that we believe it!


Of course you are worthy. The pure reason you are in existance on this planet means that you are worthy.


There is  a Buddhist story  about worthiness.   It says that the likelihood of YOU being born into this earthly physical existence as YOU (there is no other person exactly like you in the world),   is similar to the likelihood of a seal sticking up it’s head in a hoop that is floating around all the oceans of the world…….. Meaning, that the chances of this happening are almost IMPOSSIBLE!


But it did happen. A million to one chance, and you were conceived, created and born.  You with all your individual and unique characteristics.


You are worthy, simply because you are here!


To actually be here on the earth as YOU is a feat in itself.


When you  clear this belief of ‘I am unworthy’ a whole new chapter in your life will open up.


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Have a great week!


Denise x

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