Feeling Out of Balance? Clear Your Own Blocks!

Hi there! How’s it all going?


Sometimes it’s good to sit and reflect on things for ourselves when we are feeling out of balance.


When did I first notice feeling not quite right?

What was happening in my life at this time?

What was I feeling as a result of it?

Do I feel the same things regularly?

How can I get back into balance?

Was I ever in balance? LOL


When we’re out of balance we can’t work to our potential or get what we want.

‘Things’, situations, stresses, events from past and present disrupt our natural flow.

How great would it be to re-balance our bodies ourselves, so we can receive what we desire!!


Well you can! You can check in with yourself, reflect, spend some yin time and clear stress from your body.

Have a look at my e-course below ‘Re-balance and Receive, it does exactly that!  It’s sooo good!

I’ve re-launched it on a new platform so it gives you more details of what it’s all about!




I know some of you are really interested in working on yourself and learning to clear your own ‘stuff’ and blocks at your own pace. Actually everyone has ‘stuff’ going on, so this is great for all types of people.

If this is for you, I’d love you to come on board and we can work together. It officially starts Saturday 9th June. There’s an early bird price of 10% off if you use the words LOVEKINESIOLOGY in the checkout coupon before 2nd June.


Here’s the link again. https://betterlifekinesiology.podia.com/re-balance-and-receive-chakra-healing-e-course

Have a quick squizz anyway and let me know what you think!



Denise x

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