FOMO – Fear of missing out!

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Here is my team at Liebe Wellness. Anyone here have FOMO?


Do you have FOMO? Or fear of missing out?

Or more frustratingly, have a partner with FOMO!!

That is, people who can’t say no to social events, experiences and interactions because they ‘could be missing out’.

These people don’t really know what exactly they are missing out on, but hold a fear that others will be having much better and more rewarding experiences, and they won’t be there!


FOMO can also be about fear of not being included. They need to be there, because ‘everyone’ there, will be then connected by shared experiences.

Of course it’s nice to be invited and it’s rewarding connecting with others. But when FOMO kicks in and you’re starting to neglect yourself, not prioritizing your time, your health, and your loved ones because you ‘need’ to be at every gathering, FOMO becomes a problem!


Most FOMO sufferers don’t know they have FOMO. Lol. They just think they are very social! 🙂


But most FOMO sufferers’ partners and friends KNOW they have FOMO!


FOMO stems from your needs not being met. Mostly from when you were younger.

Not being included, not belonging and not feeling loved is a killer when you are a kid.

So how can you help with FOMO? Try this little exercise. Or suggest this to your partner or friend.


1. Firstly, identify that yes, maybe I do have a fear of not being included or fear of not belonging.

2. Then try and remember a time in your younger years when you weren’t included or left out or didn’t feel like you belonged or you had to conform to belong.

Close your eyes and sit with that feeling and wait for it to pass…………………………..It may take a while 🙂

(Even acknowledging how you feel or felt  helps moves and shifts the energy around FOMO.)


The underlying theme of FOMO is about fullfillment,  your needs are not being met.


3. Write down what those needs are and fix them directly. Write solutions next to your needs.

4. Then INTITATE your needs being met and initiate your creations of what YOU want.

(Go for  deeper fulfillment that NOURISHES your being.)


When you are more fulfilled, FOMO won’t feel so strong and you can make better decisions for yourself and your time.


So, see how you go about shifting your energy around FOMO!

Or give me a call if you need some help.

Maybe forward this to your FOMO friend! :0


Have a great week!











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