Have you got any Goals?

Helloooo! I hope your New Year has started well!


Many people who come to me, usually have a goal.


It could be either:-

WHAT they want in their life or HOW they want their life to be.


It’s great to have positive thinking to achieve what you want. (You become successful at what you think about the most).

But most of the time there are some blocks or stresses that stop you from reaching that goal.


Kinesiology helps clear those blocks and stresses. A block is usually some negative belief that you have about yourself that’s stopping you from achieving your goal.

Goals can be specific or general. Some of the goals people had with me recently were:-



I have security

I have clarity

I accept myself

I am aligned with prosperity

I look positively at life


I get a restful 8 hours sleep (he did)

I get the job I want (he did)

I get at least 90 on my ATAR score (year 12) she did

I have a pleasant teenage daughter (she changed, it’s true!)


Think about the goal YOU want. As you are saying it, is there a doubt or ‘funny/not quite right’ feeling as you’re saying it to yourself.

This feeling is probably a negative belief you have about yourself, that’s stopping you from achieving this goal.

(Eg about deserving the goal, or fear or anger from past events).


YOU NEED TO CLEAR THIS BELIEF  in order to achieve your goal. Positive thinking is not enough.


Let me know if I can help!

Have a great week.







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