Hey there!


Got any goals you’d like to achieve before Christmas?

Let me know soon as appointments are booking up quickly!


Goals are easily achieved when your thoughts, words, feelings and actions are all lined up or all in alignment.


You can have simple goals or more involved specific goals. Here are a few I have had in clinic over the past couple of weeks.


Simple : –

I am content.

I am peaceful.

I am confident.

I am good enough.

I am enough.

I feel loved.

I belong.

I have loving support.




Involved : –

I find an ideal tenant for my mum’s unit this week.

I receive at least $400,000 for my block of land at the auction this Saturday!

I have the perfect home birth for my baby and myself.

I release the negative charge that my family has over me.

I am calm and non affected at family gatherings!


Any others you have, let me know!

Have a great week.






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