Good news!

Hi Everyone!


So here we are! How are you all feeling? Gosh we need some good feeling feelings don’t we?


Just a reminder, I don’t want you to miss out!


*Kinesiology Online Energy Healing Meditation is on TOMORROW, TUESDAY AT 8.00PM.


Focusing on clearing GRIEF and LOSS (there’s a lot of loss around here at the moment) and then filling our bodies with LOVE. ❤️ Come along and balance your heart centre! 

BOOK HERE NOW   so you don’t forget!   It’s private and rejuvenating! You are in your own little bubble you are not seen or heard. For more information & great reviews click HERE!!  (Thanks to those who have already registered!)


*ALSO, our clinic is closed and I have moved to online individual KINESIOLOGY sessions, through zoom, which I’m a bit excited about!

It may sound strange for those of you that have had kinesiology, BUT, believe me you CAN make energy shifts, and that’s what it’s all about.


I made a you tube video explaining how an online kinesiology balance works and what to expect! The session also includes a FREE audio guided meditation to help consolidate your balance.

Make your new kinesiology booking HERE!



Thanks so much!

Keep safe

Denise x

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