“Why aren’t I happy?”

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I’ve noticed recently that I’ve become interestingly enthralled with this topic. Why aren’t I happy?

I see a lot of people in my clinic who ask this question. They say “I have a good job, lovely children, good partner, didn’t have any major traumas in my life, my parents are still together, so there is really no reason why I should feel like this”.

Sometimes, they feel anxious, sad, angry or even depressed and there doesn’t seem to be (to them) any real cause.


Then we look at needs.

Every human has needs, and needs needs! We are an interdependent race. Humans actually need each other to survive.

In our early life we especially need our needs to be met. If our needs are not met in childhood, we will not grow up. This will become an adult dysfunction.

Physical Needs

We probably all had our physical needs met, food and shelter, right?

But what about our emotional needs in our young life?     Have a look at this check list.

Did you have most of the time…..

  • Emotional comfort
  • Kind, loving words offered
  • Loving support
  • Encouragement
  • Understanding
  • Acceptance
  • Sense of belonging
  • Feeling loved
  • Feeling safe
  • Having certainty that all will be good
  • Fairness
  • The right to be an individual
  • The right to object
  • The right to feel what ever  you were feeling

How did you go?

If you need something you can’t ‘un need’ it. It’s something you require. If we didn’t have our needs met and didn’t think we were allowed to have them, then we can’t know what we want. You may have heard people from your past saying, if you give people what they want then they’ll just want more. This is not true with needs. Once needs are met, then we feel satisfied and it’s not a need anymore. Our feelings are our radar. Suppressing them tends to get everything morphed into one phrase –  I’m not happy and I should be.


Emotions and feelings of lack, or beliefs from the past (blocks), could be still hanging around in your energy system. I might have mentioned before that we are all made of energy,  Einstein said it and you can google that!   So if we are all made of energy it makes sense to treat with energy. This is where Kinesiology is great, as it stimulates energy flow. You may need to clear out some stuff!

Allowing Yourself to Think or Feel

Have a think, or actually have a ‘feel’ about this! Let me know your thoughts. You may start changing how you want things to be. Some goals might be:

I am allowed to ask for my need.

I allow myself to ask for my need.

I know what my needs are.

I have the right to feel what I feel.

I have the right to have loving words and support.

I have the right to be accepted and understood.

I am accepted and understood.


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