Happy New Year – Time to ACKnowledge and RElease!

Hey there!

Hope you are all well!

2019, can you believe it?!!


Here we are again, at the start of another year, again!


Do you think it’s time AGAIN to start finally clearing out old patterns and past experiences and having what YOU want?

Ah YES!!!  So this time DO IT!


So come to my ACKnowledge and RElease party!  Well not party but workshop! But you soon WILL be celebrating!

ACKnowledge and RElease things from the past, things from the present and things that are stopping you from moving on in the future!


I say ‘things’ because that incorporates EVERYTHING like ‘stuff’, stresses, bad experiences, learning experiences, NQR relationships, irritations, injustices, illnesses, fears, poor decisions, traumas, shit, people, dramas the list goes on.


Start ACKnowledging and REleasing those old experiences and feelings, so you can start building the new experiences you want to have in your life.




I ONLY have 12 places  available so get in quick!!


It costs $333 but there’s an early bird price from now until Feb 7 of $222. Use the code GETITSORTED

Here’s the link for more INFORMATION and to register now. https://betterlifekinesiology.podia.com/acknowledge-and-release


At this stage I am only running this one workshop.


Bonus!! those 12 people to register receive a FREE 15 min reading from my guest intuitive healer over the weekend (if you choose)

And she’s really spot on too!


You work individually, there is no group scary stuff. It will be private, meaningful, reflective and easy. Have a look at the information page to see how the day is run. https://betterlifekinesiology.podia.com/acknowledge-and-release


Anyway, can’t wait to hear from you!

Email me if you need extra words from me, I’m here to help!

I also have an info page on my website too, click here.


Thanks so much!

Have a lovely week.


Denise x

We are energetic beings so kinesiology uses energetic techniques!

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