Having clarity Seeing the truth!

Hi Everyone, hope you are all okay?


How good are you at reading people, reading situations, opportunities, deals, having clarity, thinking clearly etc? Can you see past the illusion to the truth?


Are you aware of your patterns, your blocks, your behaviours, other people’s patterns, blocks, behaviour? Can you see through the fog or the illusion to the truth?

Well most times, sometimes!


Strengthening this skill of ‘SEEING THINGS CLEARLY’, is omg, so valuable. In relationships, in business, in life!

Insight and intuition can save lots of time wasting and money.

So this Tuesday night’s 8.00pm online energy healing is focusing on CLEARING AND STRENGTHENING the energy centre, the Brow Chakra or our third eye.   BOOK HERE  NOW!


This area is about perception, intuition, good memory recall, wisdom, vision, perspective and clarity.

If you are already good at this, let’s ramp it up. Clear the fog, clear the blocks that are stopping you from SEEING THINGS CLEARLY, SEEING THE TRUTH, HAVING INSIGHT.


Look here for more details about our Tuesday nights guided energy healing. I’d love you to join!

Thank you all!


Denise x



Some great feedback here, thank you!

I wanted to say a huge thanks for Tuesday’s session. Loved it and felt so clear and relaxed afterwards. Also had the best nights sleep too. Magnificent!

“That was awesome” “Excellent session”, “That was great!” “I loved it!”, “That was great Denise thx” “This is just what I needed, can I do another one next week”

“My absolute favourite, thankyou!”

“Thank you so much for that beautiful meditation- I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it, particularly the colour visualizations.

“That singing bowl xx”

“Thanks so much for a truly wonderful session. It was the best one so far for me – I feel very much at peace”

“The meditation was  very healing and nurturing and I felt very relaxed afterwards.”

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