Heading back in!

Hi Lovelies

How are things going? It’s looking better isn’t it?!!!


Well I’m heading back to my clinic next week for a couple of days! Woohooo ūüėČ


Let me know if you’d like to book in! We will be doing the hand sanitizer, limited persons in clinic at a time, cleaning and ‘don’t come if you’re not well’ etc and I might SAGE us as well lol!

Text me or book in HERE!


My Tuesday nights online energy healing has been a HIT! I’ll be giving it a rest next week, BUT I’m planning to continue REGULARLY in the future! (maybe fortnightly or monthy) I’ll sus that out with you!

Thanks so much for your support and feedback with it, I soooo appreciate it all.


SO, I’ve made you a mini online energy healing audio (FREE) which goes for 7 minutes (to tide you over!) so please download it from my website https://betterlifekinesiology.com.au

It’s of a similar ‘theme’ to our Tuesday nights meditation. It’s really useful if there’s a SPECIFIC stress or a ‘bother’ in your life that you want to deal with immediately! You could do it at the end of your day.¬† Check it out and see!


Thanks! Hope to see you soon!


Denise x


0413 999 073

*(ACTUALLY reply to this email if fortnightly, monthly or either, is good for you for our online energy healing sessions.)*



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