Hot Topic – Relationships!

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Hot topic – Relationships!


As a kinesiologist I see relationships as one of the major causes of stress.


I had a lot of interest in my last post about stressful relationships and many people downloaded  my Energy and Relationship guide. I hope it was a bit useful!


Relationships are the cornerstone of our lives really, romantic or not romantic. We are an interpersonal race and good relationships help make our lives feel more peaceful and content.

When there is stress in your relationship it is usually accompanied by negative emotions like doubt, irritation, anger, resentment, even hate, insecurity, powerlessness.

There are also negative beliefs of not being loved, not being good enough or not belonging, hanging around as well.


I have a new Relationship Meditation/Visualization out now. It goes for 5 minutes. (It’s free!) It’s about clearing your body of these emotions and beliefs. Have a look here



In order to attract what you want in your relationship or in your life, clearing these emotions from your body is the key!

So try my FREE Relationship Meditation/Visualization now and re-balance your body!



If you are in Melbourne and would like to see me as well, just give me a buzz!

Hope you like the meditation!


Denise xxxx

PS I’m launching my E-course Re-new and Receive Energy and Relationship healing again next week. For a quick preview have a squizz HERE

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