How’s your relationship going?

Hello there!

I was out the other night for dinner and I was shocked (well I probably wasn’t really) to hear most people at the table were unhappy with their relationships. Nearly to the point of  ‘in a couple of years I’m going to leave him’. Really!!

There had been no abuse, no affairs, no real reason except they are irritated by them! Chances are they probably irritate their partner as well.

I get it, if it’s not working it’s not working, but …………

What if you could turn this relationship around?

What if it could be different? It could save a lot of heartache and money in the future, to you and your family, seriously!

Kinesiology is great for a number of complaints as it’s all got to do with taking the stress out of your body. When there is no stress, your body can function at a higher level.


It’s about  changing your energy.


We are all sending out signals with our energy. These signals are invisible, like radio waves. It’s like when your partner/friend/relative walks into the room and you just ‘know’ something is up. You know because you feel it. This is actually a signal or a ‘charge’ coming from them.


A way to change a relationship is to change the signal or charge that YOU are sending out.


Change your energy.


Your signal might be irritation, frustration, worry, doubt, anger, pessimism.

You need to clear this as it’s coming right back at you.


This is the same for those ‘unlucky’ in love. You need to change the signal you’re sending out.


Change your energy.


What do you think?

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