Irritation, frustration, impatience, anger, powerlessness – are these emotions hanging around you?

Hey Everyone

Negative emotions!!


OMG irritation, frustration, impatience – so common. Anger – ahhrrr. And powerlessness – ‘well I’m doing everything and nothing’s changing!’


How often do we feel like this? Our worlds are so busy and demanding, these emotions are infiltrating our being!


If you are feeling these often, then you are vibrating this type of energy out from your body ALL THE TIME. You ARE irritation, frustration, impatience, anger and powerlessness. When you are like this you send ‘signals’ out to the world, the universe and others.


Have you heard of the theory ‘like attracts like’? This is what is happening. Because you send out signals of irritation, frustration, anger and powerlessness, you attract more situations of irritation, frustration, anger and powerlessness for you to experience.

The law of attraction does this.


Good to know!


So you may say, how do I change this around so I can attract freedom, ease, joy, power?


Well it’s very simple.


Change the signals you are sending out. Change your vibration. Change your energy. Clear frustration, irritation, impatience, anger and powerlessness from your body.


Kinesiology can do this! Other energetic modalites can do this – meditation, tai chi, chi gong, reiki and yoga.


Once you realize you can have things flowing the way you’d like, YOUR LIGHT BEGINS TO SHINE!


So come and see me and  try some other energetic techniques as well.

Love to see you!



Denise x


PS I’m moving locations soon (25th April) with my  wellness crew, not too far though!

258 Maribynong Rd Moonee Ponds

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