It’s a bit bleak out there!


How are you going with all of this?

I’ve been less in my clinic the last 3 months, because of the situation, but so busy thinking of ideas to help support everyone that can’t come in.


The response to my weekly LIVE online energy healing guided meditations has been so wonderful! OMG How lucky am I!


Anyway, I’ve been busy with my new ‘hobby’ of putting my meditations on a website.

This is such a good option at the moment, if you can’t come in to see me but you still need some kind of ‘clearing, stress release’ support. Try one or two of my guided energy healing meditations!


Ok let’s call them visualizations though! Some people don’t like the sound of the word meditation, because they ‘can’t’ do it.

Trust me, mine are like a RELAXING GUIDED MOVIE IN YOUR MIND, where you reflect, acknowledge and release tension from the past or present. These are actually good to do every day, or so.


I’ve put them all on a website store.  Please have a squizz and see what visualization might suit you and your NEEDS right now. There’s a couple of FREE ones to try out, as well as some great reviews!


Finally, this Monday night 8.00pm, our LIVE GUIDED ENERGY HEALING is on focusing and clearing  GUILT.

Guilt reminds us that we’re bad so we will be good! But we aren’t actually bad. It comes from some throw back from the past. Let’s clear that!

Or come along to hear my voice, relax and have a good sleep!

I’d love you to join me! Reply yes to this email and or click here to book and OR see more details etc on my booking system

or HERE on EVENTBRITE. (Eventbrite sends out reminders if you need those)


Thanks so much, cheers!

Love Denise x







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