It’s a date! – Tuesday night 8.00pm

Hey Lovely

How are you going?

Just checking in with you about our date this Tuesday night June 2!

I’ve planned something special.


We are going to concentrate on your personal power. It’s all in there, we just have to remind ourselves to RE-CLAIM it!


The energy centre we are concentrating and balancing is our Solar Plexus, around our core area.

It’s about being an individual, personal power, confidence, self esteem, joy and embracing who we are actually! Things that block our power are criticism, shame, disappointment. Let’s clear and release those.


So for those who’ve missed out, I’ve been doing online energy healing over the pandemic shut down. It’s been really good.

Have a look at some feedback HERE if you like!!


It’s $20 and it’s a guided visualization/meditation where we release old beliefs and negative emotions from our bodies, that are lingering around and stopping us from having healthy productive lives. I use visualization, the sound of my voice, colour and sound therapy (my singing bowl) to stimulate energy flow. It’s private, non threatening, no-one can see or hear you, you just hear me! And it goes for less than 40 mins.

I’d love you to give it a go! More details, about how to join, HERE!

Hit reply to this email to say YES I MIGHT be interested. (Some people have already replied, thxx)



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