It’s looking better!!

Hey! How are you going?

It’s ‘feeling’ a bit better out there now. What do you think?

I started back in my clinic this week, slowly, with all the hygiene procedures, so hopefully all will be well too!

BUT I am still going to do my ONLINE ENERGY HEALING sessions once a fortnight because people find them ‘useful’ and I enjoy them too!

I think it’s a good easy way to keep yourself GENERALLY energetically in balance on a regular basis. It’s  good to routinely check in  with yourself emotionally and spiritually as we don’t often ‘sit with ourselves’ and really FEEL and release what’s going on in our internal world.


So I’m starting back TUESDAY JUNE 2ND 8.00PM

If you haven’t joined before, click the link here to have a look at some feed back and more info.


I’d love to ‘see’ you again!

Let me know if you might be interested, but just hitting reply to this email.


Hope you are keeping well!

Love Denise x


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