Hey Lovely

How have you been?

How is the joy going in your life?

Joy is one of the highest emotions on the scale of emotions list. It’s up there with love, appreciation and freedom.

The feeling of joy can raise your energy, raise your vibration.

And as you know when your vibing up high, you attract more of the good stuff.

So choosing to be joyful is a clever idea!

Notice when you are not being joyful and shake yourself up a bit. Change your energy.

Think of something you are grateful for or lucky to have, that usually does the trick!

(You want your dominant vibration positive, most of the day, to attract more positive things in your life)

So I find myself saying in my house often “CAN EVERYONE JUST BE A LITTLE MORE JOYFUL, THANKS!”

It is a choice!

Hope you are well and have a lovely rest over the holiday time.

Book in with me before Christmas if you can, I’m here till 23rd December and then back on January 10th.

Thanks for being here, I really appreciate it!

Merry Christmas


Denise xx

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