Just release the past. Simple!!

Hey, how’s it going?

Just get over it, build a bridge, it’s not happening now is it, move on, move through, let go, don’t waste your time thinking about, get a grip,  what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!


OMG Don’t you hate these suggestions?  But most times it is actually sooooo hard to just ‘get over’ some stuff’!

There’s that ugh! knife in your side/heart feeling. That, how dare they, or, ugh, injustice feeling. It just sticks there.

We may have semi forgiven things and it may have faded over the years to a 3/10 yuck memory/feeling, BUT we all know what happened and we just somehow don’t want to dishonour ourselves by releasing that tiny bit of resentment, anger or grief.

BUT actually resentment, anger, grief and fear are the 4 main culprits that are making us sick and stopping us from having the life we want. Even if they are only lingering around in 3/10 feeling capacity.


So this Tuesday night our ONLINE ENERGY HEALING SESSION is going to be based on releasing any of this stuff from our BEING!

And it’s also going to be FREE!

I’m going to do an old one based around the Heart Chakra, which is about love, forgiveness and compassion. And I’m going to throw in an extra bit about SELF- forgiveness. We need to stop beating ourselves up about the past!


You cannot heal if there is any OUNCE of you living/feeling from the PAST.



So let’s get into PRESENT ENERGY TIME!


Join me this Tuesday 30th June (oh end of financial year, could mean something)

Time: 8.00pm

Cost: FREE (usually $20)

For more details about what my online energy healing sessions are like click HERE


Please hit REPLY YES  to this email to let me know if you’d like to join!


Looking forward to seeing you!


Denise xx




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