Kinesiology can improve your Academic and Sporting performance!

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Kinesiology is great for all issues and conditions but I’ve never really mentioned how it can help with school performance and sporting performance.

Last year and this year I had a few secondary students coming to see me about wanting to improve their academic performance and sporting performance.


With school performance, specifically year 11 and 12  (VCE),  wanting to get better marks for SACS (which are tests that count for the end of year mark) and for end of year exams for their VCE ATAR score.

Anyway, all of the students  received better than expected results! We , student, mums and I were amazed!


The sporting students I had, wanted to kick more goals, get more touches, get an award for being one of the best, bowl more wickets out, hit more runs, not be afraid of the ball etc.

All of these students also noticed a difference.


It does sound crazy, I know!

But once you rid yourself of negative beliefs and feel into being what you want to be and want to achieve, things start changing.


If this sounds interesting to you give me a call or email me to have a chat!

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