Kinesiology Online

Hey All

How are you going?

I’m doing okay! But our clinic is closed for the next couple of weeks.

I’ve been doing a few online sessions for people at their request and so now have opened up my bookings on the system!

I do love IN PERSON sessions, but I’m also LOVIN’ ONLINE!

(So I’m going to leave online sessions on my system, as an option, as well for the future)

So book in here for a session!

After you book I’ll send you all the details of the process and links.

So the session is run exactly the same.

You come with an issue or a goal and we clear the blocks that bring you back into balance.

Bringing YOU back into balance, connecting you to WHO YOU REALLY ARE, is the key to changing issues and making goals happen. It’s all just ENERGY as you know!

Try and keep positive! Hope to see you soon.

Email me with any questions!


Denise xx

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