Last one!

Hi everyone!

I’m doing my last online energy healing, NEXT Tuesday 8.00pm , JUST for THIS SERIES!

Hopefully I will be back in clinic after the 11th! We’ll see, 🙂 but I am thinking of CONTINUING these online energy healing meditations because you all LOVE them and I LOVE them too, but maybe fortnightly or monthly.

I may give you a break  for a week lol, then start a new batch. 🙂


So next weeks is on the crown chakra. This energy centre is about the right to know and to learn.

The MAIN goal of the Crown Chakra is to expand consciousness and spiritual connection.


It is about connection with your OWN spirit, connection to the universe, a divine source energy, purpose, trusting self, direction, understanding and consciousness, being aware of being aware.

Having a connection, belief and feeling that ‘the universe has my back’ is a comforting up lifter even if we don’t feel it all the time.


OUT of balance, this centre brings, apathy, over thinking, disconnection towards your own self, rigid belief systems, self-pity and despair. ADDICTIONS, attachments, fixations also hinder the expansion of growth in this area.

When IN balance we have the ability to trust life, we are intelligent, thoughtful and aware, are open minded, able  to question, are spiritually connected to self and the universe, have wisdom and mastery, have the ability to see the larger picture, are selfless and able to nurture our psychic development.

So lets STRENGTHEN THIS AREA so faith and trust can continue flowing through our veins, our being.

Please reply yes I’m interested to this email, I’d love to see you there! (Thanks to those who’ve already replied!)

It’s $20 bucks and the details are all HERE


Thanks also for this lovely feedback!

“That was awesome” “Excellent session”, “That was great!” “I loved it!”, “That was great Denise thx” “This is just what I needed, can I do another one next week””My absolute favourite, thankyou!””Thank you so much for that beautiful meditation- I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it, particularly the colour visualizations.”That singing bowl !!””Thanks so much for a truly wonderful session. It was the best one so far for me – I feel very much at peace” “I feel so much more calm and focused.”

Let me know what you thought of the last one, that would be great!


Keep hangin’ in there! 🙂

Denise x


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