Hey there! How are you going?


Sometimes we are doing really well, being our true, content, peaceful, self, feeling that things are great and going well and then all of a sudden – they are not!!




What sets you off and makes you out of balance?


Something has triggered you to totally  not be your true self.


Sometimes we know what they are, but most times we don’t! There is some subliminal feeling that arises, when we are in certain situations, that totally takes you away from being your true self and the person you want to be. It can be so frustrating!

Usually family, certain people, personalities and events, trigger these feelings.


Triggers, I have found, have to do with emotional needs that were not met in the past. A situation arises and you all of a sudden feel triggered from an emotion that you’ve had before, in a similar circumstance. Most times we aren’t aware or can’t even label the emotion.


Usually anger, frustration, insecurity and unworthiness creep in and we can’t work out why. Its sooo annoying!


Some triggers (people, places, situation, things) result in :-

  • Difficulty calming yourself or self-soothing in a ‘healthy way’
  • Feeling unhappy for no obvious reason
  • Difficulty in asking for help
  • Unhappy relationships or the inability to form lasting relationships
  • Either too dependent on others or pride yourself on being completely independent
  • The feeling that you are a fraud
  • Feeling either like you are safer alone or that you absolutely can not stand being alone
  • Judging yourself more harshly than you judge others
  • Having a hard time figuring out what you are feeling
  • Feeling a great deal of self blame or self dislike
  • Feeling as if something in you is defective or unlovable, there’s something wrong with me
  • Feeling either like you are too self disciplined or that you struggle with self-discipline and are lazy
  • Having difficulty nurturing others or providing adequate affection
  • Feeling shame
  • Feeling like you do not belong
  • Feeling a sense of emptiness


The underlying REAL trigger here is NEEDS.  Needs not being met from the past.

Kinesiology can help with this!

Invest in you.  You’re getting too old now not to!



Denise x


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