Online energy healing! – Monday nights now! 8.00pm

Hi Lovely

Ok we’re on again!!


How great! We can all spend some MORE special time with ourselves, lol, tuning in, reflecting and clearing some blocks that are stopping the flow of energy and causing us to be out of balance, physically and emotionally.


So starting NEXT MONDAY 20th, I’m doing another 7 week series of GUIDED ONLINE ENERGY HEALING meditations, concentrating on clearing fear, guilt, shame, grief, lies, illusion and attachments. (One per week) These emotions/issues make us TOO dense and don’t allow light to come in!


When energy is flowing freely, your light can shine, you are in balance and you feel more EMPOWERED, FOCUSED, ENERGIZED, CALM, CENTRED AND CONTENT. Oh yeah!

And when your body feels like this, your HEALTH is BETTER and your GOALS are CLEARER!

These meditations are relaxing, healing and empowering and are private and easy to do in your own space at home.


So the first week is about balancing fear. What comes to you when you think of the word fear? Let’s clear that!!


I’ve put our LIVE  session on Eventbrite now because it’s easier for me to keep track! Click HERE on EVENTBRITE if you like as they send a few reminders out with the zoom link, as well as registering and making payments.


But if you still prefer to transfer me instead, just do your usual register and payment HERE!


Also, I’ve put all my past meditations on a special site (as some people where interested in purchasing a few.) Have a squizz!  You can also see some fabulous REVIEWS here too if you have not participated before.


My clinic is still open with all of the hygiene rules, so book/message me if you need an individual session!


So hopefully see you on the 20th!!!

Have a safe week!

Denise x







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