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Hi Everyone

How are you all going?

It’s great to combine our Western Medicine with Traditional Eastern Wisdom. Together we can apply a holistic approach to our wellness.


Eastern medicine has been used for over 5,000 years and involves aspects of clearing energy pathways, diet, herbal therapy, meditation, physical exercise and massage.

The energy centres in the body are related to different organs, muscles and hormones. When the energy centres are out of balance,Ā  different areas of the PHYSICAL body are affected AND THAT IS WHEN WE GET SICK.


SO balancing the energy centres FIRST is the GO-TO solution!

Every Tuesday night I’ve been so lucky to have many of you tune in to my online energy healing session, it’s been amazing!

Next Tuesday night we are concentrating on the energy centre the Throat Chakra šŸ™‚

This area is aboutĀ manifestation (making things happen), communication, being clear, self criticism, being heard, listening to others, being honest with self and others, exposing true self and seeing your creative work through! So if you’d like to improve/clear/fix any of these areas, this is for you! Or come anyway, there’s always something to clear, self criticism and negative talk, is a MAJOR BLOCK šŸ™


So put Tuesday 8.00pm down in the diary and lets clear some energy before it manifests into something else! šŸ™‚

It’s cheap as chips,Ā  is healing, is nurturing and relaxing! Check outĀ  HERE for more details

Thanks to everyone from last Tues night for your lovely feed back. I’ve put it on my websiteĀ HERE too, if you’d like to see.



Can’t wait for next week!

Keep Safe

Thank you

Denise x


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