Your Relationship – Is it exactly how you want it?

I’m a kind, caring, genuine person, why isn’t my relationship care free, easy and exactly what I want, you ask?




Relationships are there to learn something about ourselves.


Relationships trigger unhealed wounds from our past.

Usually we don’t even know what the trigger is, except you have the ‘ahhrrr why don’t you just give me what I need’ feeling.

Unhealed wounds usually come in the form of needs. Some need that wasn’t met in your early life.


What is it that you need, that you are not getting now?


If you look at your past relationships or present one now, what is the common theme that is underlying that makes you feel like, ‘this is not exactly what I want’?


You need to acknowledge the need and change your belief about what you deserve.


Kinesiology can help with this, book here  for a relationship balance!


Once you acknowledge your need and change a belief, you change yourself and your presence or energy changes.

You increase your sense of self and personal power.


You no longer radiate at that low level of ‘ I don’t deserve to have what I want’.

Instead you send out energy to others of ‘ I deserve to be supported the way I want, I deserve to be loved the way I want’.


When you change yourself, others around you change.


Have a good week!



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