Do you Self Sabotage?

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Self Sabotage.

Everyone does it sometimes, some people do it all the time. You know, when you set yourself a goal (to be your best self) and everything’s going along really well and then you do something to muck it up!

Here’s some examples of self sabotage

  • Overeating
  • Procrastination
  • Being passionate about your career but can’t seem to get motivated to embrace opportunities
  • Negative self chat
  • Being in a loving relationship but find ways of creating drama and pushing people away
  • Getting sick or injured on a regular basis
  • Hoarding
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Abusive relationships

Anything familiar?

I’ve been reading a book called ‘The Big Leap’, by Gay Hendricks, about self sabotage or what he calls ‘upper limiting yourself’. It’s a really interesting read.

Upper limiting yourself is about bringing yourself ‘back down’ to your level of normal, when things seem ‘a bit too good to be true.’

Self sabotage is subconcious. These behaviours are usually learnt behaviour from our past when we were young.


In the his book he states 4 barriers that stop us from expressing our ‘full measure of success’. Success in all areas of our lives, not just one.


  1. The first barrier is that we believe we are fundamentally flawed in some way, (ie don’t deserve all the successes)
  2. The second barrier is that by succeeding, we are being disloyal to leaving behind people in our past. (eg we were once ‘working class’ and now wealthy)
  3. The third barrier is the false belief that more success would be more of a burden or become a burden.
  4. The fourth barrier is that we don’t want to outshine others.


We could relate to all four barriers or just one. Acknowledging your own patterns is a great start to dealing with self sabotage, but sometimes self awareness is not enough.


This is where kinesiology can help, finding out the source and clearing subconscious patterns.


Having abundance, success and love is available to you!    Are  YOU  getting in the way?


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