Sinister low lying stress

Hey There! How’s everything going?


Okay so stress causes illness, that’s a medical fact. Stress hormones lower the immune system, therefore, the body gets sick.

No brainer!

But you say, I’m not stressed really. I don’t have any MAJOR things happening to me and I’m not generally a ‘stress head’.

This is also true.


But sinister low lying stress IS the culprit. It eats away at you over the YEARS. Things that bother you ‘a bit’, slowly grinding away at you but you put up with them.

Things like, irritating passive aggressive parents who get on your nerves,  living with or having lived with an alcoholic parent or living with ‘a drink too much and turn into a dickhead’ partner, irritable or angry partners, bosses or work colleages who are condescending or mean, scrimping and saving to pay all the bills, relationship issues, arguing, tension, trust issues, always thinking am I the fool here, trying to get a new job, but being rejected or being given no opportunity, trying to fit in and not belonging, or having high expectations put on you or not saying what you want to say for years to people and holding your tongue. You get the picture.

So what’s your thing?!!


These are all low lying 4/10 stress situations (or could be higher too). But they ARE a stress to the body if they are there for a decent amount of time.

Anything that bothers you on a regular basis is a sinister low lying stress, that can lower your immune system and make you attract an illness.


So what to do?

1. Acknowledge what your low lying stress is.

2. Label the emotions you feel from that situation.

3. Sit with those emotions.

4. Do some kind of energy shifting activity, like meditation, yoga, kinesiology.

5. Change your behaviour. Decide to reset your boundaries. Be pro active about how you want things to be.


Sometimes this is hard to do by yourself. You may need some help!

You may need to come and SEE me 🙂


Kinesiology is great at identifying underlying causes and CLEARING THE STRESS FROM YOUR BODY.

When the stress is cleared you can ATTRACT what you want in your life too!

Have a look at my website for more information.


Have a great day!







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