So I saw a lady the other day in clinic.

She came to me after going to her chiro, physio, GP, blood tests and then had a total body MRI to see what was causing the pain and throbbing in her left hip.

They thought it might be arthritis or something sinister as she had had a few melanomas cut out over the years, but thankfully they found nothing. (But still couldn’t explain it). I think ‘getting old’ was a term floated around. She’s 55.

Anyway it was still bothering her because she couldn’t sleep at night so she came to see me. 😜 I love being the last resort. No, I really do!Two days later (I always check in after 2 days) she said the pain had gone from a 9/10 to a 3/10. So what we found in our session was she felt stuck in her job, she was irritated and frustrated wanting to do other things/opportunities but thought I may as well stick it our for another few years before we semi retire to the NSW coast.

She had lots of creative ideas for making money but hadn’t pursued them because of (whatever reasons we tell ourselves.)

So we released the irritation she felt with herself/others and situations through energy techniques such as acupressure, sound vibration, visualization and a few other things and cleared the blocks to moving forward.

She now has to follow up on changing her behaviour and making things happen to what she now really wants in her life. But it was great! So my point here is, (I’m always banging on about emotions) we hold negative emotions in our bodies, in our muscles, in our cells, in our being and it can present itself eventually as physical issues.

The interesting thing here is, we all KNOW, what we should be doing, we KNOW, our inner being is talking to us, but we aren’t listening! So you can do this yourself.

Just take some time alone in a quiet space and ask yourself, how do I feel and what do I want. This is a fabulous start. Oh and then take action! You may then need some help with motivation!

Anyway, how are you?

Let me know how you are going!


Denise x

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