Spiritual Kinesiology Practice Set

Hey Energy Believers!

How are you going? It’s been too long!

So, I have just finished producing a Spiritual Kinesiology Practice Pack, just for you. It’s sooo good!

I do exactly this procedure every day.

It balances my physical and emotional body and clears negative emotions and beliefs that are hanging around in my inner being!

How to use the kit.

1. Sit quietly in a space by yourself

2. Light your candle from your pack and have your sound vibration audio ready.

3. Push play on the sound vibration audio of tuning forks and singing bowls and begin to relax.

4. Think about an issue in your life that is bothering/stressing you.

5. Close your eyes and take a deep breath and sink into your issue.

6. Feel any emotions/irritations/frustrations and look for perspectives of the issue.

7. Let the vibration of sound diffuse negative emotions and clear any blocks from your energy body.

8. Take a deep breath.

9. At the end of the sound vibration, shuffle the deck and ask ‘what do I need to know’? (Either choose a card intuitively or one may jump out.) Nothing is by chance.

10. Reflect on the words, say the affirmations.

PRE-ORDER BEFORE CHRISTMAS! Order closing date this Sunday 28th November.

Click here for more information about the pack and to purchase!


Shipping to Australia only (but message me and I can look into other places).

Any questions? Let me know!

Have a great day!


Denise x

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