“The body is happy when decisions are made with the heart”

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So, “The body is happy when decisions are made with the heart, not the head.” Eastern saying.

We are talking intuition, gut feelings, instinct. If everything matches with logical thinking, even better!

Many people doubt the feelings of intuition, the gut sensation, the instinctual feelings because they can’t explain it.  Maybe I’m wrong, maybe my heads right? I think, we’ve had 80,000 years of instinct, I’m going with that.


The energy centre involved with this is the Brow chakra, the area around your forehead.

This area promotes peace, insight, concentration, imagination, brain integration, intuition, seeing the truth about oneself and looking at life from different perspectives.

When this area is out of balance there is fear, lack of focus, overthinking, self critical talk, blocked imagination, detachment from you own feelings and feeling disjointed.


Next Tuesday night, I’m concentrating on balancing and strengthening this energy centre of the body, the brow chakra.

So get your seat and jot it down in the diary!!

(As you know I’ve been doing online energy healing balances Tuesday at 8.00pm as we aren’t allowed out! 🙂

It’s $20 and the details are HERE xxx

Please hit reply to this email, so I know you’re in!


Thanks so much for your support in my ISO too!


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