The Immune System. You can heal yourself!

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It’s probably too late to send a post on the immune system, being out of Winter and all!

But I thought I might share this set of TCM immune system acupressure points that you can rub or hold when you are sick or run down.


These points are specifically for the immune system to clear blocks and stimulate energy flow.  I use them on my family and in clinic all the time!


The points are numbered and aligned on certain meridians in your body and the information of the meridian, from where they come from, is also important!


The info helps you to think about, what has been going on for you, before and around the time you became sick.



For example

Gallbladder 20 – The  gallbladder meridian is about irritation and frustration, possibly around areas where you are trying to make decisions or plans for the future

Governing 14 – The governing meridian is about support or lack of support or giving too much support to others

Large Intestine 5, 4, 11 – The  large intestine meridian is about grief or guilt.  It’s also about sorting out what to get rid of in your life that no longer serves

Lung 5, 10  – The  lung meridian is about grief and longing and also about bringing value into your life

Stomach 36, 37 – The stomach meridian is usually about nurturing others, either too much of it (with everyone) or too little. The stomach is also about overthinking or feeling unfulfilled in some area

Spleen 6 – The spleen meridian is about nourishing self, usually about not nourishing yourself enough, either with time for yourself or in doing things that you are passionate about

Liver 3 – The liver meridian is about anger and resentment and also about being stuck with regards to the vision you have for your future



Remember everything has to be in balance. So yes you can support others but supporting toooo much is out of balance or feeling guilty about something is ok for a bit but tooooo long is out of balance, see what I mean?

Check in with yourself and avoid extreme behaviour on either end.


So as your are rubbing or holding these points for yourself or for others, read out the information as well, as it forces you to look at what is going on for you that is contributing to your ill health!


So here they are, download both!   immune points2  immune letter (& sorry, they’re in my handwriting lol)

Give them a go, they are sensational.


You can heal yourself you know!


Have a good week.

Cheers Denise xx

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