The True Self

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There is a Chinese saying that illness does not exist if you are your true self.


Illness does not exist if you are your true self. Think about that for a minute.

You mean we get sick, have emotional mental stress and physical symptoms just because we are not being our true selves?

What fabulous insight! Then all we have to be is our true self! Easy! LOL


Deepak Chopra MD, an Indian-born American author, public speaker, alternative medicine advocate, and a prominent figure in the New Age movement says this as well on his website

  • The true self is certain and clear about things. The everyday self gets influenced by countless outside influences, leading to confusion.
  •  The true self is stable. The everyday self shifts constantly.
  •  The true self is driven by a deep sense of truth. The everyday self is driven by the ego, the unending demands of “I, me, mine.”
  •  The true self is at peace. The everyday self is easily agitated and disturbed.
  • The true self is love. The everyday self, lacking love, seeks it from outside sources.

He says that ‘if you feel not enough, you need more things, more money, more food, more distractions because otherwise you feel empty. The energy of attraction will be weak if this is our motivation”.

“At the level of your true self, you already feel complete. You are already whole. This is what the body wants for you.”


So if your are not acting from the true self, from being whole, you can’t attract what you want because you are coming from lack. You are sending signals out of lack because you are not complete because you are not your true self. Eg if you are 50% or your whole self, you can’t attract 100% of what you want.


Okay, so how do I become complete, become whole, re-connect to my true self?

Change your energy!

Meditation does this along with other energy practices such as kinesiology, chi gong, tai chi, acupuncture TCM, reiki. The important thing here though is, you have to really  WANT to connect to your true self, the real you.

To start acting as your true self, identify, recognize and clear the areas that are stopping you from being your true self, so you can become whole. So you can attract the total of what you want.

Once you recognize and encourage the qualities of the true self, your life will begin to change. Better choices, expanded awareness, discovering your purpose in life and being able to meet your goals will become more available to you.

So what are the qualities of the true self?

Have a look here for more info! * qualities of the true self!!*

Anyway, I feel relaxed and my true self because I’ve been on holidays! (that’s the other option!)


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