Unwanted Negative Thoughts!

Hey Lovely

How are you going?

Did you know it’s the thoughts that come first, then the emotions.

A split second before the emotion was the thought.

“Oh I THINK I’m going to die” Wham FEAR

‘OH I can’t do that, I’m too stupid” Bang SHAME

“I think that’s really sad what happened” Boom GRIEF

“I shouldn’t have done that” Pow GUILT

This is really interesting to know!

If you change how you see things, you can change your thoughts. One thing ‘they’ say to do is you question yourself first.

“Yes but is it true?” Are you really going to die?

No you are not going to die, you aren’t actually stupid, that is sad and you can be sad for a while and yes you shouldn’t have done that, so don’t do it again!

What a FABULOUS thing to know! Question your thoughts with “Yes but is it true?”

Then of course feel your emotion and then release.

And then take a deep breath, I always say!

So if you have too many unwanted negative thoughts in your head, try this out!

It may take a couple of weeks (or months depending on what’s been going on for you) to get on top, but once you’re AWARE that you CAN question your thoughts AND see a different perspective, you’ll be on your way!

Have a good week!

Pop in and see me if you need some help!


Denise x

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