Vision Board – Write it down! Put it out there!

Hey there,

Hope you’re having a lovely week!


You’ve probably heard of vision boards. They sound a bit ‘pintresty’ but they say they work!

Getting your dreams out of your head and on paper is the key to letting the universe know exactly what you want!

I’ve just made one for myself that suits me and so I thought it might suit you too.

It’s a free download HERE on my website if you like!!


Also our guided sound healing session last Saturday was great, with nearly full capacity and really good feedback!

The next one will be Saturday 17th August 11.30 – 12.30. Each session focuses  on a different energy centre of the body to clear.

You can register  NOW  to save your spot, but I’ll remind you closer to the time as well!

Don’t forget to download your vision template! 🙂


Denise x

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