Visualization – Balancing out energy in the body

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As you know Kinesiology is great for many emotional and physical complaints but one of the best things that comes out of having kinesiology is that you start to become more connected to yourself.


That might sound a bit ‘new age’ but in fact its very old age! We humans used to be more connected to ourselves thousands of years ago. We listened to our instincts and feelings more, as we had to, it was life or death.

Today there are so many distractions, we are never silent and are usually doing ‘something’. Rarely do people just sit and be.

There is an Eastern saying, that – Illness doesn’t exist if you are your true self.

How many of us are being our true self? Sit and think about this for a few minutes, or seconds if you don’t have time! Ha!


Are you being your true self?

Do you speak your truth?

Are you being heard?

Are you genuinely being you?

Do you know who your true self is?


Sometimes in a kinesiology session we use visualization techniques. I’ve included a complimentary visualization today in this post.

This visualization is great because it can actually help empower you to shift blocks yourself, when you are feeling not quite right.

It allows you to sit with yourself and notice certain things about yourself when you focus on a personal goal.

It’s great to do at the end of the day when something has ‘rocked’ or challenged you, or at the beginning of the day when you want to plan how you would like to feel for that day.


In a kinesiology session we use goals all the time to focus on how you want your life to be and how you would like to feel. Simple goals like, I am healthy, I am successful, I am accepted or I am centred.

We then look for clues in the body as to where that goal is not in balance with the body. Your head could be saying one thing but your body is saying Nah!


This visualization is great because you can learn to balance out energy yourself every day if you choose.

I do this visualization all the time on myself when I want to work on a goal.


Try to take a deep breath or sigh in between each section and feel and listen to your breathing.

It’s a good idea to record yourself reading it out (maybe on your phone), so then you can listen to it like a meditation.

Click below to download. It’s so good. It truely works!


Visualization – Balancing out energy in the body


Important note – when you become more connected to yourself, you begin to know your true self.

As always give me a call if you need any help or contact me if you need to book a session.




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