What is Your Deepest Desire?

Hey there!


They say in the East that we are here on this earth to find joy. That’s it!

You do what brings you joy. Where ever the journey takes you the final destination is ‘supposed’ to be joy.

How fabulous is that!


I’m not quite sure we are all doing this but what a great idea.

What helps with this is DESIRE.

Desire is this innate feeling of “I would really love this because that would bring me joy”

Have a think about what your deepest desire is (that you don’t already have).

Then think about what is stopping it from happening.


Hmm my deepest desire. Let me think!

Usually these are not material but something that would make you calm peaceful and content.

Our lives are full of challenges and roadblocks and there are obviously situations and events that influence how our life pans out

BUT luckily

WE are the only ones in charge of our thoughts and feelings and so we are the only ones getting in the way of our DESIRES and JOY.


So how do we change this?  HOW DO I GET WHAT I DESIRE?


  1. Change outdated negative beliefs you have about yourself
  2. Clear out old negative emotions
  3. Clear old relationship patterns
  4. Learn the lesson

Once you’ve changed your energy, you start with a clean slate.

You feel more energized, more motivated, more positive, more excited about getting getting what you want. When your are in this vibration you start to attract the things you desire!


kinesiology is great for changing your energy, so is working on yourself! Look for energy changing activities, such as meditation, TCM, yoga, tai chi, Chi gong, grounding work that involves outdoor activities.

Even thinking right now ‘What is my deepest desire?’ is a great start. Set an intention to find joy!


Have a great week!




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