What signals are you sending out?

Hey it’s Friday Yay!

It’s the end of the week, ‘lots’ has been happening! How are you feeling?

Sometimes we can’t label how we feel. We might just feel tired, exhausted or debilitated.

And you do. But these are physical feelings.


Underneath the physical lies the culprit. The emotional stuff!  Like overwhelment, irritation, frustration, worry, fear, powerlessness, that’s actually how you really feel.
So if you are feeling any of these feelings, overwhelment, irritation, frustration, worry, fear or powerlessness. You are ‘vibrating’  out from your body, signals of overwhelment, irritation, frustration, worry, fear or powerlessness. When you do this you are ATTRACTING more of the same stuff, because like attracts like.


So clearing your body of these signals is the solution. Even LABELING your emotions helps do this, helps raise your vibration, change your energy. Check out this scale of emotions list here. Scale of emotions

This list is great to use at the end of the week to check in with yourself and release just a ‘little’. This list is also great for relationships. Instead of my husband saying I’m ‘fine’, when I know he’s not fine, I shove this list in his face and say choose an emotion lol

And it all works out! Once everyone knows how everyone is feeling it’s much better, there’s more understanding 🙂  True!

If you need more substantial help with clearing stress, a reminder that my Group Sound Energy Healing is on TOMORROW 17th Aug, 11.30 Check in HERE for details.

Or book in for a kinesiology session too.

See how you go!

Have a lovely weekend!


Denise x

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