Working on Yourself

Hey there!

How’s it all going?


I often work on myself.

When things aren’t going the way they ‘should’ be or how I’d like things to be, I work on myself!


We should be able to work on ourselves. We are actually equipped to heal ourselves. It doesn’t make sense that we don’t.

It’s just that over hundreds of years we’ve lost the art and relied on others. Especially in today’s world, where distractions are 24/7 and we don’t have time and want the quick fix.


For those of you that have had kinesiology, you’d remember it’s about firstly acknowledging things are not how you’d like them to be, and feeling not in balance or Not Quite Right.

Then we find the ‘blocks’ (emotions, negative beliefs, stresses etc) from past and present that are stopping you from being your best healthy self or getting in the way of  your goals, and then clear those blocks, so you can function AS your best self!


I do this on myself too. I find the blocks and clear them for myself and then AMAZINGLY, things start to change!


I thought about this for a while. Everyone should be able to do this themselves!


We are the ones getting in the way of what we want!

The negative beliefs we have about ourselves that we’ve picked up along the way or the heavy negative emotions that we might be holding onto from situations from the past or present  are restricting us from having what we want or being who we want to be.


So about 18 months ago, I started writing a workshop course for self healing, doing similar things that I do in a kinesiology session. Where you can work on yourself and clear your own blocks.


Anyway it’s changed from a workshop into an online e-course. Because I thought “that’s more convenient!”

I like doing online courses myself, in my time frame and in the comfort of my own home. Have you done any online courses before?


I’m probably about 3 weeks away from getting it finalized. I’ll let you know more details soon about what’s in it and how it works.

It’s soooo good and I’m a bit excited!!!


In the mean time if you need to book in with me let me know!

Have a great week.

Denise x


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