Worrying! It lowers your immune system! :)

Hey Lovelies

How are you doing right now?

Many of us are definitely over-thinkers and some of us spend a bit of time worrying too!


With today’s situation of the world wide virus, many people are a little bit worried, to say the least!

But a problem here with worrying is, worrying and over-thinking produces stress hormones. These flood your body, which then intern, lowers your immune system. (which doesn’t help with the situation at all!)

(See Stress, Illness and Immune system HERE)


Many people worry because they feel like if they don’t worry (ie.think about all the scenarios) then something bad might happen AND then if they stop worrying, something bad WILL happen!


But we all know logically that our over thinking and worrying won’t STOP the ‘bad thing’. Actually I will go as much to say, it might actually make it a reality!  (with the theory or your thoughts create your reality!)

Now there’s a good reason to stop worrying!


So the best thing, I suppose, is to NOT worry and just be present or go with the flow, (don’t you hate that saying?)

Oh gosh, but how do you do that?!


Number 1.

Have some kinesiology. Especially if you are worried about the situation happening in the world today.

Kinesiology helps with a lot of issues, but what kinesiology does in this example is, it takes the ‘stress’ out of your body, like the ‘sting’ or the ‘worry’ out of a situation or concern. For example, after kinesiology, the reality in your life might still be there BUT IT DOESN’T BOTHER YOU AS MUCH.

This is ideally how you want it to be. You want to be NOT SO BOTHERED by stuff! Being bothered, worried, stressed, scared, depressed alters your physical body to the point of lowering your immune system. That’s a waste of good health, energy and time!


Number 2

Focus on finding a solution. The solution, solution, solution. Don’t focus on what you don’t want to happen, but focus on what you do want to happen. (Your thoughts create your reality theory)


Number 3

Another way to stop over-thinking is meditation, meditation, meditation. Even if you manage 5 minutes of focusing on being in the present while you are walking around the block or using a meditation app or listening to meditations on the internet, any meditation is great for the body and mind.


Worrying is not a necessity for stopping bad things from happening, we logically know that.  It doesn’t HAVE to be part of your personality or your life. Directing your energy to other areas of your life is the key.

By reducing worry time in your life, OMG can you imagine how much you could achieve?!



Denise x






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