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Hi Lovelies

Tuesday nights 8.00pm have never been so popular! 🙂

“What a wonderful session, look forward to the next one”,  “Loved it, thank you for providing this!”,  “It was lovely, I’m so relaxed”


Thanks everyone for your feedback from last Tuesday’s online energy healing session! I’m SO THANKFUL for you, for joining in. 🙂

So next Tuesday night we are concentrating on the energy centre, the Solar Plexus. This centre is about, being an individual, self worth, motivation, self confidence, self esteem, self-criticism/judgement, will, energy and self doubt.    Get on it! 🙂

What: Online energy healing session

When: Tuesday 14th

Time: 8.00pm

Cost: $20


Also I’d like to WELCOME anyone new who hasn’t participated yet! Come along this Tuesday and balance out  your body, mind and spirit.

It’s really easy joining the online link. It’s also very individual, you aren’t seen or heard by anyone, just sit back and relax and be guided through an energy healing balance.


So just hit reply EVERYONE and say YES  I MIGHT BE INTERESTED , on this email and I will send you some more details. I’d so love it if you could be there!

Also, I’ve got more info HERE  as well, for what’s coming up the following weeks.


So lets stir up and balance some energy!!!!!!

Keep Safe!


Denise x

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