Your body is out of balance!

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Your body is out of balance!

What? wait!



  • You desire something (a goal) and you can’t get it
  • You are sick
  • Things aren’t running smoothly in your life
  • Negative things keep happening to you
  • Something is bothering, irritating or frustrating you
  • When you are cranky all the time


Being out of balance starts in your energy centres and pathways, and if left long enough, then hits your physical body.

So do something now before it hits the physical!


You know when you feel NOT your 100% authentic, calm, peaceful content self. You just know!

The problem is we do notice this but we don’t alter our behaviour.


To get back in balance, take time out, (even sit once a day in stillness with a cup of tea), listen to a meditation app, do energy shifting activities like walking barefoot on the beach, tai chi, yoga, chanting, singing, do energetic therapies such as kinesiology, reiki,  go to some alternative energy medicine healers such as Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, Acupuncturists, homeopaths.


It’s all about stimulating energy flow. When energy is flowing freely, the body can function at it’s peak.

This knowledge is not new. There’s 5000 years of Eastern wisdom here.


So check in with yourself when you notice things aren’t flowing for you, because they should be!

Have an EASY week!!



Denise x

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