2018 is The Time For Out With The Old Ways And In With The New (Apparently!)

Hey there!

Happy New Year lovely people!

Just checking in with how your energy is going so far in 2018! Lol.

You know – what you’re feeling emotionally and physically and the energy you’re sending out to everyone and everything!


Do you ever wonder, what’s going on with me? Why am I sick, why am I anxious, why am I depressed, why don’t things go the way I want, why do certain situations, instances, people, things bother me so much?

Your body (your subconscious) knows exactly what is going on with you. Sometimes its a good idea to allocate some time and sit with yourself, tune in and work out YOURSELF, ‘what’s going on with me‘?


Well, the great thing is, on  the 1st March, I’m launching a new online e-course called Renew, Re-balance, Receive Chakra clearing course, which would be perfect for you!  (Chakras are energy centres in and around the body. Certain ones relate to certain areas of your life.)


2018 is THE year for change and making things happen. Last year was all about preparation and this year is all about doing it!


I ran this course last year in August, with 5 participants and it was soooo good!  It’s a self healing, self clearing e-course designed for you to work on yourself by yourself but guided by me.

You would set aside one hour a week for yourself for seven weeks, where you clear blocks from various parts of your life and your body.


My inspiration to write this self healing course came from the beautiful people who come to see me and my desire to help people shine.

The common thread in every session I have with people and with people I talk to is that everyone has the same core negative beliefs about themselves. Everyone has them!


Negative beliefs are BLOCKS.  They are stopping you from having what you want!

We are all energetic beings. When you shift what is blocking your energy flow, your reality will change.  These blocks are stopping your energy from flowing freely.


So what are these beliefs, these main blocks? Can you relate to any of them here?

  1. I’m not good enough.
  2. I’m not loved.
  3. I don’t belong.

If you’ve felt any of these before then this course will be great for you!


Here is a snippet of what you get in Renew, Re-balance Receive Chakra Clearing course.

  • Chakra Information Guide, everything you need to know/how these energy centres work
  • Work Sheet questions/prompts/activities for activating the 7 major chakras (relating to 7 areas of yourself and life)
  • Scale of emotions list
  • FREE Australian Bush Flower Essence
  • Introduction/guidance video to each module/chakra
  • 7 (x2)meditation audios for balancing/clearing stress, blocks, beliefs from each chakra
  • Access to our private Restore Rebalance Receive Facebook group
  • Kinesiology techniques I use for stimulating energy flow


There’s more details, Q and A’s, cost and a couple of testamonials from  last years participants  here  on my INFORMATION PAGE.


Anyway I’d love you to have a look and let me know what you think!


Also I have new download “Checklist of Emotional Needs” on my website if you’d like to have a look!

When you acknowledge what your actual needs are, you can start to reset your boundaries for what you want and need!


Thanks so much and have a great week!


Denise x

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