5 week Energy Healing Transformation Starting Feb 2nd 2021

Hey Lovely!

How have you been? I’ve missed you! 🙂

So here we are in 2021, (semi) out of that disaster of 2020! (well Aus mostly!)

All new!

I’m so excited to tell you that I’m starting an ALL NEW 5 week Online Energy Healing Transformation, (That’s what I’m calling it!) One where you set an intention of what you want, then clear the blocks around it and watch it unfold over the weeks.

Last year

Last year I did weekly online guided energy healing meditations with you, which everyone commented on so favourably! So this year I’ve decided to do something similar but in a 5 week block where we can monitor, achieve and rate a desired outcome.

Choose a priority issue

So you choose a priority issue you have that you would like to heal/fix/change/make go away OR a goal that you want to achieve, and we clear the blocks around it.

So what’s the components this time?

  1. Each Tuesday night at 8.00pm we come together on zoom and I guide you through an  Energy Healing Meditation that will focus on clearing the blocks around YOUR priority issue. (Your issue could even be just opening to the world of abundance, becoming calm, peaceful and content etc or it could be a physical or emotional complaint, relationships, etc., whatever resonates with you, you know what you do and you don’t want!. (Or you might just want to enjoy the weekly guided meditation experience.)

Extra thing!

2. Then every morning BEFORE you get up from bed, you listen to my quick 10 minute energy healing, to start your day. This is actually an important part of the transformation, starting the day ‘right’!


The 5 weeks also include extras, but are an essential part of the transformation. These are my Bundle of 7 Chakra clearing meditations to use at your own leisure, Friday Q&A tutorials on the energy centres in our body, their traumas, emotions, illnesses and what you can do to help yourself, membership to our private energy healing facebook group and of course access to me, email, messaging etc.

All new and transforming

So for my beautiful 2020 participants (and new ones) it’s similar but ALL NEW AND BETTER because we are aligning YOU to what YOU want.

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More information here too

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I’d love to hear your comments, questions or feedback! Or just let me know how you’re doin’!


Denise xxx


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