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People are always asking me “What is Kinesiology?”

Put simply, Kinesiology clears the body of stress so you can function at the level you were meant to!

For example, I had a client recently, 2 months ago, who came in with a few different things like, stress at work, stuff with family, and also “I’ve been trying for a whole year to get pregnant and I can’t, with no reason why as everything is physically fine”.

So we set to work!

After the second session of kinesiology she was pregnant! How great is that!

So, clearing all of her other stresses, helped her body function at the level that it was meant to.


If you feel that you are not functioning at the ‘level you were meant to’ you could do with some kinesiology!  Have a look here for more info  Also, while you’re there, download my free guide for clearing stress!


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Anyway, give me a call if you have any questions or check out my new online healing course!


Have a fabulous week!

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