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Are you in for tonight?


This week we are concentrating on balancing and clearing blocks on an issue we have today & love, self love and compassion, through our Heart Energy Centre!


Tuesday 8.00pm Online Guided Energy Healing Meditation.

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Our Energy Healing Meditations allow you to reflect, release and re-charge.


I had some great feedback from someone who has just joined our Tuesday energy healing group a few weeks ago, when we looked at grief and love.

“Hi Denise.
I took in your ‘’Grief and Love – Online Energy Healing’’ session last night. I was most surprised to rediscover some long forgotten childhood issues. They were buried somewhere deep and obviously not resolved. The  session was a comfortable setting in which to explore them. I do feel a sense of calm in beginning to realign my perception of such things. Things which I now realize have played a part in my reactions to people and circumstances. A comforting revelation.”


More info  here as well!


Hope to see you there!


Denise x


More feedback

“Hi Denise,
My mum suggested I join your online healing session tonight and I’m so glad that I did! After just finishing it now I feel incredible — there were moments that were overwhelming but then the release and feeling of safety that followed were so wonderful.
It’s really special that you are able to give this to people, particularly at this crazy time and I’m really grateful for tonight’s session. I’ll definitely be joining another one soon.
Thank you again”

“Thanks so much Denise for these guided energy healings. I so look forward to hearing your voice, it puts me into such a relaxed trance state and I’m able to allow myself to be taken somewhere else. At the end of the session I feel totally cleared of any stress or blocks in my body. (I’m so relaxed I often doze off too) Thank you.”

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