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People go to see a kinesiologist when they are feeling out of balance, not quite right or they have an issue (physical, emotional or relationship stuff) or have a goal they want to pursue and it’s just not happening.  Then it’s about clearing stress in our energy pathways around that issue, so the body can then function like it’s supposed to.

Individual sessions are really great so book in here if you like but sometimes it’s also great to be able to work through clearing stuff yourself.


I found lately that a lot of people ARE interested in learning how to clear stress themselves. So I wrote this self clearing, self healing course called Renew, Rebalance Receive.

Because that’s what it does! It’s super powerful.

This is how it goes. There are 7 modules, so allow yourself one hour a week for 7 weeks, to work on yourself by yourself but guided by me. The 7 modules incorporate the 7 energy centres of the Chakras, which are in and around your body. Each energy centre relates to an area of your body and an area of your life. So each week you clear and balance each area, each chakra of past and present stress/imbalance.


It’s like having 7 kinesiology sessions. But what is different is you work by yourself, privately in your own time frame. It’s uncomplicated, easy and no pressure!


You identify, the stress/imbalance and the emotions and clear them using techniques I use in a kinesiology session. You have two audio meditation/visualizations  incorporating acupressure points, sound and essences. It’s very empowering knowing you can clear stress and balance out energy yourself.

We are all equipped to heal ourselves, we just have lost the art in this modern western world!


Two lovely participants, who did it last year, had this to say,

“From somebody who had absolutely no idea about what the chakras are and what they mean, I found this course brilliant. It was easy to follow, I could do it in my own time and my own pace without external pressures. I was absolutely fascinated at what came up during the meditations and have learnt absolutely so much about myself during the process. I cleared beliefs I had about myself that I didn’t know I had! Since the course I have noticed I am much happier and feel completely content with who I am. I feel like I have a better understanding of myself, and as a result feel confident and at peace with my life.
I found having Denise’s support through the Facebook group to be invaluable. I highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone!”

Stephanie, 35

“The course was great! I cried a lot because a lot of  emotions kept coming up for me and letting myself feel them was the best thing to do. I did feel more at peace and accepting of situations as a result. Thank you!”

Katy, 24


Sooo, have a better look here for more details. It starts on 1st March and it costs $347.00. And I’m offering an early bird special of a FREE kinesiology session with me, if you book in before the end of the day this Friday 16th February! (Then I’m taking it off because I might have too many.) lol!

Anyway that’s it from me, I have a new download of  positive affirmations here for you as well, if you need some ‘looking forward’ to 2018 motivation!


Have a lovely week!


Denise  x


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