Did anyone miss this that would like to join?

Hi Everyone

I hope you’re all doing ok with our situation! 🙁


I emailed a post on Wednesday, mentioning that I will be doing a series of  online group balances and energy healing, in the comfort of your own home. 🙂 Starting next week.

Seeing as we are all not allowed to go out,  I thought this would be great for our mental, physical and energetic health!


Please see Wednesday’s post HERE


I had some lovely replies straight away, which is sooo good, but if you missed the post or haven’t replied just hit reply to this email and say YES you MIGHT be interested!!

I will then send out details later today to all of you who are BUSTING to make use of this time to do some

balancing/healing/clearing on yourselves! 🙂  (If you are financially struggling I can sort something out with you for this one too!)


Anyway beautiful people, thanks so much!

Let me know.


Denise x







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