“Have a good look at yourself!”

Hi All.  Did anyone’s mother say this too them?


Have a good look at yourself!  OR Wake up to yourself!

I just realized my mother was actually very insightful! lol


Today we say it in a nicer way, like reflect on your past or become more aware of your behaviour and actions and then change those behaviours and become a better person.   I think that’s what she meant to say! 🙂


So just on that, a reminder our Kinesiology Online Energy Healing is on tomorrow Tuesday 8.00pm, where we are clearing stress and changing the energy around our RELATIONSHIPS!

 BOOK HERE NOW TO REGISTER AND FOR MORE DETAILS    ($10 this week only, usually $21)



I’m running a free Q & A type of session every Friday 12.30 via zoom, where you can ask me questions about your issue and what it’s related to energetically and how you might shift that issue. You can either ask or type me your questions and I can have videos turned off!

So just reply YES  I might be interested, send me the link!


Finally, I love our Tuesday nights together with our Online Energy Healing Session, thanks so much for coming along and for the great feedback. I’ll pop some reviews in at the end for you to read!

It’s so good to regularly check in with yourself and relax and release and change things in our lives. We don’t often do that in our very distracting (is that the right word?) lives.



Thank you,

Hope to see you soon.



Denise xdenise@betterlifekinesiology.com.au



“Absolutely amazing, thank you! Soooo deep for me but not intimidating. Feeling light and strong”

“I loved the end of the session when the music continued to play, letting me contemplate the whole of your session, BRILLIANT”



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